Terms of Service

Herein this document, all usage of the words "we", "us", and "our" refer to GOLDHOST LTD. The content of this Terms of Service document is a legally binding agreement for any account holders with GOLDHOST LTD. We reserve the right to terminate and cancel any client and service at any time, for any reason. Find the document listings below for a description of our terms.

Service Abuse

By using GOLDHOST LTD hosting services, you agree to not abuse systems or networks in any way that may harm the usability of other client services, or harm outside networks or individuals. This includes but is not limited to: hosting or distribution of malicious files, targeted harassment towards individuals (invasion of privacy, including websites based around racism), outbound network attacks (DoS), copyright or trademark infringement, piracy, tor exit nodes, fraud, phishing, gambling/lottery sites, unsolicited e-mail spam, malicious network scanning, cryptocurrency mining and other forms of resource abuse that may cause harm to other clients. We do not impose hard limits on server load, however if a client server is causing high load on a host system your server may be restarted or suspended until the client can look into the problem. If you're on a shared service (virtual private servers or game servers), you may not utilize 100% of allocates cores for an extended period of time, dependant upon the average load on the system at the time. We do not impose hard load limits, so if you have software that may occasionally use more than average it usually perfectly fine. If you run software that requires high CPU usage on a constant or unusual basis, please contact us beforehand. CPU cores allocated to virtual machines are not dedicated physical cores. "vCPU" is an allocated core/thread on a server for the client virtual machine. You can utilize all resources of vCPU at any time with no limitations.

Refunds & Cancellation

Refunds may be granted within 24 hours of the activation of your virtual private server or game server. Payments via PaySafeCard gateway cannot be refunded. Refunds can be processed through PayPal. Cancellations will be processed soon after the request is submitted, typically at 12:00 CEST. Cancellation requests must be submitted through your service area or requested via billing ticket. If a service is overdue, the service may be terminated automatically after 72 hours and your data removed. We are not responsible for reminding you to pay invoices, you must keep records of your due dates and pay service invoices on time to avoid termination.

Data & Account Responsibility

You, the client, are responsible for the data on your server. We are not responsible for any data loss that may occur during rare incidents such as hardware failures, however if hardware failures occur we will attempt to restore data from our automated backups. You are responsible for the actions that occur on your service.

Automated Backups

We may provide free automated data backups for certain services, if so, these are taken solely for administrative purposes such as disaster recovery (disk or raid failure, etc.) and as so, we do not provide continuous access to these backups for client-end data issues. We may provide one or two restores each month upon request, however additional fees may apply for continuous admin time regarding restores.


All support request must be submitted through your client area via tickets. We are not required to provide technical support via live chat, social media, or other unofficial contact methods. We provide self-managed services, meaning the client is responsible for configuring their services unless a management service is purchased. Semi-Managed services include software support if the server is running CentOS with cPanel or Plesk control panels. This service included things such as software setup and configuration, troubleshooting, and more support methods.

Payment Chargebacks

Credit card chargebacks and payment disputes are prohibited and may result in termination or suspension of your service without warning. Chargebacks or disputes will disqualify the client from receiving a refund for any payments, and may prohibit future ordering. If you have an issue with a payment, contact billing for a solution.

Account Privacy

We require all clients to maintain correct contact information including a full name and e-mail address. We collect information at the time of registration and ordering including full name, address, e-mail address and phone number. All information is used solely for transaction purposes and to better service you upon support requests. All billing and data transactions are sent via SSL. Please refer to the privacy policy below for more information regarding account privacy.

Client Information

Client information such as first and last name and e-mail address are never shared with third parties, commercial or individual. Client accounts are kept indefinitely for transaction logging purposes but can be removed upon request after 6 months of account closure, or no active services. Information may be provided to law enforcement if proper lawful and legal court order is provided.

Client Service Data

Information hosted on our servers by client will never be accessed, saved, or modified by any GOLDHOST LTD representative without initial notification to and consent of the client, unless client requests technical support prior that may require accessing server data; excluding any offered automated backups. Client data included in automated backups is removed after 7 days of being stored (typically Sunday), including when a service is cancelled by client. Client server data backups are not accessible by technical support or billing representatives, escalation of data request for service restoration purposes only, must be passed to management.


As we respect and advocate for individuals privacy online, we highly suggest using a VPN to secure your connection when browsing over a large ISP or on public networks that may be inspecting your traffic. If you want an affordable and reliable VPN service that respects user privacy, we highly recommend using Private Internet Accesswhich we ourselves use.

Privacy Policy last edited: 16.07.2020

Thursday, July 16, 2020

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